Top Tips For Moving House

9761-WIMBLEDON-PLSCEBUZZ-WEBYou have found the perfect house, the papers are signed and the day of the move has been set. It’s exciting times! But there is still a lot of work to do.

The day of the big move can be stressful and it’s important to plan in advance. Below are some top tips for moving house to ensue the move goes smoothly on the day.

1. Make a list of questions to ask your seller and find the answers!

Making sure you know where the stopcock is to turn off the water or the thermostat as well as having any warranties and manuals could make life a lot easier. Find out the answers before you possibly lose contact with the seller.

2. Consider a removal company and check with them what you need to do for the big day

Hiring a van for a day may be cheaper but this has to be weighed against the hassle of doing it yourself. Having professionals do the move who are insured also reduces the risk of valuables being broken.boxes piled up

If you decide to go with  a professional removal company that’s competitively priced, make sure to have a discussion with them on how to prepare for the day of the move. How do they want valuables packed (and do they have protective bags to use)? What time will the move start and what’s the best way to organise items for transporting?

3. Scope out your new house before the items arrive

Planning which items you would like to go in each room of your new house and then packing them accordingly will make life much easier when the move is complete! Scope out exactly which items will go in which room and label boxes so they end up in the right place when moving. It will save you a lot of trouble not having to find boxes and move them between rooms later on.Moving_Mess

Also make sure to clean the rooms in your new home before filling them. It’s most likely the rooms will be filthy and they are easier to clean when empty.

4. Some general packing and moving tips

Here are some more general packing and moving tips to make the move go smoother:

  • Put small items such as bolts and screws in separate bags that are clearly labelled. It makes putting equipment back together much easier!
  • Clearly label every box or package and consider colour coding based on rooms
  • Move furniture into the rooms first to avoid moving boxes around repeatedly
  • Don’t be afraid to over-wrap breakable items. It’s better to be safe than sorry
  • Have an overnight bag with essentials that can be easily accessed after you have moved

We hope you have enjoyed our tops for moving house. Once the big move is complete, the unpacking can begin.

Congratulations on the purchase of you new house and we hope the move goes well!