How to make your home more appealing to buyers



Here are some great ideas for how to make a house more appealing when selling it to potential buyers during a viewing:

Keep it ‘light’light-bulb-503881_1280
Make sure the rooms in the house are well lit and replace any light bulbs that aren’t working. If a room is badly lit (or not lit at all!) then it can raise concerns that something is wrong with the room even if there isn’t. A well lit house, however, can make a house more attractive by providing energy and life.

Here is a blog with some interesting information about how lighting can make a difference.

Help the buyer visualise
When someone views your house try to help them picture themselves in the house. There are several ways to do this and keeping floor space clutter free is a great start as it allows the viewer to see the rooms more clearly and think about where they might put things if they moved in.

Setting out the dining table with a bottle of wine and candles or having some quiet background music on will also help create a cosy atmosphere in which they can see themselves living in.

Keep it clean and fresh
Sometimes a fresh lick of paint or a tidy up of cables and kids toys can really help to make a house look more attractive. If a buyer is genuinely interested then this could make the decision to buy just that little bit more appealing!

Talk about the good things positively – and be personal
Using the right words and being positive can make a big difference, especially if a buyer is not quite decided. Imagine a buyer likes the garden size and layout of your house and 9813-WIMBLEDON-PLSCEBUZZ-WEBanother one they have viewed and there is very little difference between the two houses. Even though they are both similar, would you prefer the one where you are told the garden is ‘ok and quite big’ or that is ‘ideal for what you want and it’s south facing garden is perfect for enjoying the summer months’?

Someone viewing a house may be able to see some of this when viewing but you should still be positive and point out some of the less obvious benefits – like the south facing garden in the summer!

When describing the great features of your house, it really helps to ‘paint a picture’ with a personal touch. Phrases such as “We love the size of the driveway as there is never any problems when family visit” or “The new heating system has made such a difference in winter and made it a very cosy warm house to relax in” allows the viewer to bond with the house more as they feel reassured by your personal experiences.