10 Tips For Spring Cleaning







Whether you’re putting your house on the market or have just moved in, having a spring clean can make a huge difference to a home and make it a more attractive place to live (or buy!).

Here are our top 10 tips for spring cleaning:

1, Organising cupboards

Kitchen cupboards can be easily filled with food and culinary extras such as spices that rarely get used. Clearing out the shelves completely, polishing them and then reviewing each item on a ‘throw away’ or ‘keep’ basis is a great way to find more space.

2. Removing stains and marks

The best way ultimately to remove stains is to get rid of them as soon as they happen! If that’s too late then make sure to use a good stain remover and follow the instructions. Here is a great source for advice on removing stains

3. Cleaning your carpet

Focus more on high traffic areas and if possible, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Don’t forget to clean the filter regularly for maximum effect.

4. Re-organising shelves

Even if your bookshelves don’t need reorganising, it’s worth doing this to remove the hidden dust that has settled away out of site. Removing all items fully before dusting and polishing is a great way for a fuller clean.

5. Cleaning wooden floors

Using a damp mop with soap or a steam cleaner is the best way to clean wooden floors. Also consider furniture protector to help protect against scratches.

6. Dusting electronics

Ever get the feeling the TV is dusty within 5 minutes of cleaning it? Electronic items gather dust very quickly. Here are some great tricks to help.

7. A fresh lick of paint

Sometimes a fresh lick of paint is needed to freshen up a room. Don’t try patching up areas on a wall as it can make the room walls look very inconsistent with patches of fresh paint that is possibly a slightly different colour. Paint an entire wall or room fully.

8. Tidying closets

Our tips for spring cleaning wouldn’t be complete without sorting out the closets! They may be a great area to hide away items and clothing but they fill up quickly! Be ruthless. With clothes for example. ask yourself. “Will I wear this item in the next 6 months?” and don’t hesitate to throw away unused coat hangers.

9. Cleaning windows

There are some great products now available to clean windows including the Karcher Window Cleaner to help you quickly and effectively make your windows sparkle. Window cleaning inside and out can be time consuming so consider hiring a window cleaner for a relatively small fee.

10, Changing the mood

We have talked about tips for spring cleaning that involve tidying up and removing stains and marks, but sometimes a fresh appearance can really help to change the mood. This can be as simple as changing towels and linen on a seasonal basis (bright colours in the summer and flowery effects in the autumn for example) or it could be a whole makeover of a room with new curtains and different wall pictures. Some times small changes can have real positive effects!

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips for spring cleaning. Feel free to share our advice and ideas with friends and family. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook which are your favourite tips for spring cleaning. We would love to know!


Quotes about home

Quotes about home

To celebrate the arrival of 2016,  we thought it would be good to have a blog article which is fun, yet inspiring for anyone looking to buy or rent a new home in 2016.

Here are our top 10 favourite quotes about home (in no particular order!):

1. Home is where the heart is (by Pliny the Elder)

Home is where the heart is


2. The home should be the treasure chest of living (by Le Corbusier)home should be the treasure chest of living


3. If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home (by Malala Yousafzai)

Miss your home


4. Seek home for rest, for home is best (by Thomas Tusser)

Seek home for rest


5. A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless (by May Sarton)

A comfy chair

6. Home is the nicest word there is (by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Home is the nicest word

7, A man’s house is his castle (by James Otis)

Mans house is his castle


8. Home is the place we love best and grumble the most (by Billy Sunday)

Home is a place you can grumble


9, Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded (by Jennifer Ellison)

shareasimage (22)

10. There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home (by Rosalynn Carter) 

A safe secure home


Now you should be truly inspired and ready to find your next home on PlaceBuzz!

Feel free to share our favourite quotes. We would also love to know on social media which ones you like most. Why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy house searching in 2016! 



How to make your home more appealing to buyers



Here are some great ideas for how to make a house more appealing when selling it to potential buyers during a viewing:

Keep it ‘light’light-bulb-503881_1280
Make sure the rooms in the house are well lit and replace any light bulbs that aren’t working. If a room is badly lit (or not lit at all!) then it can raise concerns that something is wrong with the room even if there isn’t. A well lit house, however, can make a house more attractive by providing energy and life.

Here is a blog with some interesting information about how lighting can make a difference.

Help the buyer visualise
When someone views your house try to help them picture themselves in the house. There are several ways to do this and keeping floor space clutter free is a great start as it allows the viewer to see the rooms more clearly and think about where they might put things if they moved in.

Setting out the dining table with a bottle of wine and candles or having some quiet background music on will also help create a cosy atmosphere in which they can see themselves living in.

Keep it clean and fresh
Sometimes a fresh lick of paint or a tidy up of cables and kids toys can really help to make a house look more attractive. If a buyer is genuinely interested then this could make the decision to buy just that little bit more appealing!

Talk about the good things positively – and be personal
Using the right words and being positive can make a big difference, especially if a buyer is not quite decided. Imagine a buyer likes the garden size and layout of your house and 9813-WIMBLEDON-PLSCEBUZZ-WEBanother one they have viewed and there is very little difference between the two houses. Even though they are both similar, would you prefer the one where you are told the garden is ‘ok and quite big’ or that is ‘ideal for what you want and it’s south facing garden is perfect for enjoying the summer months’?

Someone viewing a house may be able to see some of this when viewing but you should still be positive and point out some of the less obvious benefits – like the south facing garden in the summer!

When describing the great features of your house, it really helps to ‘paint a picture’ with a personal touch. Phrases such as “We love the size of the driveway as there is never any problems when family visit” or “The new heating system has made such a difference in winter and made it a very cosy warm house to relax in” allows the viewer to bond with the house more as they feel reassured by your personal experiences.


How to set the price of your home

When selling your house, getting the right price can be tricky. Set the starting price too low and you could be losing out on thousands of pounds but setting it too high could mean having your house on the market for longer than expected and potentially not selling your house.

Here are 5 ways to help you set the right price:

Get a valuation from more than one estate agent

Getting a valuation from the experts is a great starting point.House price predictions A good estate agent will be up to speed on local house prices and trends and they can share their experience of previous house valuations and how much they have sold houses for. It’s worth contacting more than one estate agent and then compare the differences in the valuations. Two valuations that are very similar will mean that you have a very good idea what price you should be setting for your house!

Compare houses in the area – that are similar

Use a search engine such as PlaceBuzz to see what other houses in your area are selling for. Try to compare houses that are similar to yours. There’s no point comparing a 2 bedroom apartment with a 4 bedroom house with a large garden!


Ask yourself, are the houses locally selling for the prices you expected? It might be that some houses are lower than expected because they need work on them by a new home owner. Similarly, higher priced houses might have recently been renovated or might be closer to a town centre. You may also be able to get ideas on why your house price should be set slightly higher or lower based on the state of your house and its location.

Consider what you offer that stands out to other nearby houses

After researching online and having a valuation done, you will have a pretty good idea what price your house should be sold for, but you may be able to command a slightly higher price. Finishing off that garden landscaping project you started 6 months ago or adding fresh paint to the lounge may not make a huge amount of difference to the price but it will help to sell your house more easily – and possibly avoid home buyers from asking for larger discounts based on the reasoning that they need to spend more money on the house when they move in.

Think about what you offer or what you can change to help make your house more attractive – but beware of spending too much time and money compared to what you get back when selling the house.

Determine how quickly you want to sell


In some circumstances you may be in a hurry to move. You have found the perfect house and don’t want to lose it, so a quick sale is important and a slightly lower price will help. You must, of course, be prepared to take less money and this may be too much of a price to pay. Alternatively if you have time on your hands then a good strategy is to start with a slightly higher price and consider reducing the price over time if you don’t get much results.

Decide to what level you are prepared to discount

Discounting and negotiation over pricing is a fine art and getting it wrong could cost you thousands of pounds, Added to this, many home buyers are different. Some buyers who can’t decide between two house may like to ‘get a good deal’. They may purchase one very similar house over another because they got a larger discount.

When setting the price, If you are happy to discount then make sure not to set it at the lowest price you want to sell it for. If the negotiations reach a point where the buy won’t buy unless they get a bit of money off then you can at least afford to go that little bit lower on price to finalise the deal.

With this advice on how to set the price of your home you will be able to determine the right price. Make sure to search on PlaceBuzz to find similar properties in your area!



How to find the right property

TWITTER TEMPLATE USE THIS!! (18)Finding the right house can be often be tough.

You might find a great house but in the wrong area or a house that matches everything you are looking for apart from one or two things that put you off viewing the property. Does this sound familiar?

Even after finding what looks like the right house on paper, it may not be so ideal in reality once you have viewed the property in person.

Using an online property search such as PlaceBuzz.com effectively can allow you to plan your property viewings better and reduce wasted time visiting wrong properties. Here are some tips on how to find the right property:

Make a list of possible locations where you would like to live

Before starting to search, define where you would like to live and make a list of towns or villages that would be nice to move to. When searching online you may need to be specific (more on this later) but at the same time try to be flexible with your locations. Some properties may straddle between two towns or areas while even a town itself can have suitable and unsuitable areas for your needs (for example if a school or main road is the wrong end of town for you).

If you need help finding the right locations, it’s worth checking out our previous blogs Choosing The Perfect Property Location and 10 Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Home.

Use a property search tool that has plenty of propertiesperson-woman-hotel-laptop

A search tool that has very few properties can limit your options and you may miss out on the ideal house.

Use a tool such as PlaceBuzz with its extensive database of properties across the UK and search filters to search for your ideal property.


Try different location searches to find what you want

Sometimes a property for sale or rent may not be tagged with the same location data that you are using to search. You may search for Southampton, London or Newcastle for example but many towns and cities have regional areas or nearby areas such as Hedge End (for Southampton) or Hammersmith or Richmond (for London). Using a post code search may also provide you with different results to searching by town or city.

Note: If you are looking for properties in London, you can also try our Commute Search to find new areas to live based on your preferred commute time and budget.

Use the right filters, but stay flexible

Too many properties in a search result may be confusing and runs the risk of you glancing over a potentially good property by accident. Make sure to use filters based on your budget, house size and type of house to find what you want but remain flexible in your searches as well. If you are looking to buy a house with 3 bedrooms then it maybe that there are some affordable smaller 4 bedroom houses available, or a 2 bedroom that can be extended.

Note: If you are doing a repeat search, don’t forget to filter by the newest properties to be posted online. That way you can instantly see the latest updates!

Read the details carefully and get a second opinion

If you find a property that may be ideal, make sure to read the description fully to make sure if there are any points you really like or dislike. Visiting a property that wasn’t right from the description is a waste of time for you and all parties involved. Also ask a friend or family what they think of the property online.

Save your search results and subscribe to get new property notifications

Whether you have shortlisted some properties to view or not found anything at all, it’s worth subscribing to get updates on new properties. PlaceBuzz offers this feature so that you can get property updates sent directly to your inbox, and you can be the first to check out the right property when it comes online!

Don’t delay with arranging a viewing!

Once you have found the properties you would like to view, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the right person to organise a visit. Finding the right property for you might sometimes be a challenge and you don’t want all that good work going to waste because a property is sold or rented to someone else!

Now you know how to find the right property, head over to the PlaceBuzz property search. Happy searching!


Top Tips For Moving House

9761-WIMBLEDON-PLSCEBUZZ-WEBYou have found the perfect house, the papers are signed and the day of the move has been set. It’s exciting times! But there is still a lot of work to do.

The day of the big move can be stressful and it’s important to plan in advance. Below are some top tips for moving house to ensue the move goes smoothly on the day.

1. Make a list of questions to ask your seller and find the answers!

Making sure you know where the stopcock is to turn off the water or the thermostat as well as having any warranties and manuals could make life a lot easier. Find out the answers before you possibly lose contact with the seller.

2. Consider a removal company and check with them what you need to do for the big day

Hiring a van for a day may be cheaper but this has to be weighed against the hassle of doing it yourself. Having professionals do the move who are insured also reduces the risk of valuables being broken.boxes piled up

If you decide to go with  a professional removal company that’s competitively priced, make sure to have a discussion with them on how to prepare for the day of the move. How do they want valuables packed (and do they have protective bags to use)? What time will the move start and what’s the best way to organise items for transporting?

3. Scope out your new house before the items arrive

Planning which items you would like to go in each room of your new house and then packing them accordingly will make life much easier when the move is complete! Scope out exactly which items will go in which room and label boxes so they end up in the right place when moving. It will save you a lot of trouble not having to find boxes and move them between rooms later on.Moving_Mess

Also make sure to clean the rooms in your new home before filling them. It’s most likely the rooms will be filthy and they are easier to clean when empty.

4. Some general packing and moving tips

Here are some more general packing and moving tips to make the move go smoother:

  • Put small items such as bolts and screws in separate bags that are clearly labelled. It makes putting equipment back together much easier!
  • Clearly label every box or package and consider colour coding based on rooms
  • Move furniture into the rooms first to avoid moving boxes around repeatedly
  • Don’t be afraid to over-wrap breakable items. It’s better to be safe than sorry
  • Have an overnight bag with essentials that can be easily accessed after you have moved

We hope you have enjoyed our tops for moving house. Once the big move is complete, the unpacking can begin.

Congratulations on the purchase of you new house and we hope the move goes well!



20 Questions To Ask When Looking At A New Home

Untitled design (19)

There’s a lot of information to take in and consider when viewing a new home and asking the right questions is important. Below are 20 important questions to ask when looking at a new home that you can ask the seller to make sure you get the right house for you:

General questions

1. How long has the property been on the market?

A good opening question and good to know. It also helps to understand any issues they have had with selling the house or, if the house looks perfect and is just on the market, then you know you don’t have much time to make an offer!

2. What are the local facilities like?0134-HAMMERSMITH-CHISWICK-PLACEBUZZ

A great way to find out what is in the area.

3. What exactly is included in the price?

Some sellers like to leave particular fixtures and fittings while others take as much as they can into their new home.

4. How old is the property?

5. What are the neighbours like?

6. What land and perimeters are included exactly?

It’s important to understand who owns the fencing or hedgerows on your boundary. If you have a shared driveway then how is that managed in terms of costs for repairs or dividing up of the parking spaces?

7. Why are you selling the house?

8. What is the internet and phone signal like in the area?office-625892_1280

In the modern era, having good internet and phone connection is becoming increasingly important. It might seem like a minor thing but it could lead to years of frustration. Especially if you have kids or want to run a business from home.

Potential issues

Although some questions such as “Why are you selling the house?” may indicate potential issues, the following questions are more direct and help to identify any extra costs when buying the house:

9. Has any major work been carried out?

10. What guarantees are included?

If the house has a flat roof for example then knowing how long the guarantee is on it and knowing it is still covered under a new owner is important.moor-261171_1280

11. Is the building listed or in a conservation area?

12. Has there been any electrical issues recently?

13. What decorating have you done recently?

It’s possible that a room has been decorated to cover up an issue. It’s good to ask and understand what issue might lurk beyond the fresh paintwork!

14. Ask your nose: Do you smell damp?

This isn’t really a question to ask the seller but it’s important to be wary of any strange smells. A musty smell may be caused by damp. It may not stop you from buying the house but it could help to reduce the price of the house.

Bills and winter

Having a house that is cold in the winter or requires extra costs to fix a boiler can be a potential nightmare. Here are some questions to make sure your winter is warmer and your bills are reasonable:radiator-250558_1280

15. Has there been any problems with the boiler recently?

16. How is the water heated?

17. Are the loft or walls insulated?

18. How much is the council tax – and other bills

This also helps to budget after you have moved house when you will also have the mortgage costs to consider.

The next steps

Sometimes finding the right property at the right time can be a challenge. These final questions will help you when deciding on the next steps:9761-WIMBLEDON-PLSCEBUZZ-WEB

19. Can I view the property again soon?

If you like the property then it should be viewed again. You may even want to bring along a friend or extra family member to get a second opinion when you return.

And finally…

20. When do you need to move out?

Now you have the right questions to ask when looking at a new home! These questions will help you decide if it’s the right property for you.

You may also want to see our previous blogs: 10 Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Home and Choosing The Perfect Property Location For A Better Lifestyle.

Don’t forget to use the PlaceBuzz property search to find the perfect house to view.


Is Summer A Good Time To Buy A House?


With the warmer weather and longer nights it can be much nicer viewing potential new homes during the summer months, but is summer a good time to buy a house?

Here are 3 reasons why we believe buying in the summer could be the right decision:

Better Bargaining

For sellers the sales of houses in the summer months tend to be slower. There are less people searching for houses as people go away on holiday and this means reduced competition for you when bidding for your ideal home. You could save thousands of pounds! Especially if sellers are wanting a quick sale.

Better Viewing

If viewing a new property during the day time is tricky due to work commitments then Garden view with pondviewings during the evenings in winter can have their drawbacks. Lighter evenings during the summer allow you to get a better look at the house and fully take in the views of the garden and the surrounding area. It can also be easier to spot any potential defects that may lurk in darker areas of the house.

Better Moving

boxes piled upFrom frosty fingers to slippy surfaces, moving during the cold rainy months can have it’s dangers. A summer move, however, is not only safer but generally a much nicer time of year to be moving. Kids can still play outside rather than be climbing over boxes as you package up items and there is less risk of electronic items being exposed to rain during transit. There is also less chance of muddy feet as items are moved from one house to another and of course, a warmer house when the front door is left open while moving items in or out of a house.

And once the move is done, you may still have time to air out your new home and add a lick of paint before the colder days start to arrive!

A Balanced View

Buying a house in the summer does have some limitations. When viewing a house it can be harder to gauge how well insulated the house is for colder weather and it’s possible there are slightly fewer houses on the market in your area. You may also be in more of a holiday mood than thinking about moving home. But these limitations shouldn’t hold you back. The possibility of saving thousands of pounds on your next property could be a strong enough reason – and enough to make your summer holiday next year that little bit special!

Search online at PlaceBuzz to find your perfect home this summer.


10 Things to Look Out for When Buying a New Home

A place in the country?A house shouldn’t just be a roof and four walls. It should be more than that, and there’s plenty to consider when finding your perfect home.

Here are 10 important things to consider when buying your next home:

1. Garden

Do you want a south facing garden for those late afternoons in the summer? It will also help with growing fruit, veg or flowers. You may actually not want a garden at all. If you have children or pets, having an outdoor option may be necessary, but sometimes living in the city or having a bigger house for the size of your budget might be more important.

2. Garage

A garage is useful for storing all manner of things (including cars!). If there is suitable parking available on the road or a driveway and plenty of house storage (shed, attic etc) then a garage may not important – although there is often no better place to store tools, bikes and anything else you don’t want lying around the garden or living room!

3. Location

Location is of the utmost importance when buying a new home. How close your property is to shops and services, to relatives, to work – the list goes on. There’s the town versus country debate and how suitable somewhere will be for your children to consider as well, which we have covered in our previous blog Choosing the Perfect Property Location for a Better Lifestyle.

4. Size

It’s not about having the biggest house possible for the cheapest price. You should be asking yourself what size is necessary, what fits around your needs. Is it worth it having an extra bedroom? How many floors do you really need to fit all your stuff in? If you’re planning on needing another room in the future, but don’t need it just yet, it could be worth looking for a larger house, but if all you want is the bare minimum then this needs to be taken into account.

5. Queuing for the Bathroom

When nature calls or you are running late for work and need to use the bathroom there is nothing worse than having to wait. An en suite bathroom or a downstairs toilet can really make life that bit more convenient!

6. Is it Winter-Ready?

Having a broken boiler or no double glazing can make a home much colder in the winter! With English winters lasting much longer than three months, making sure a home is fully prepared for this period is vital. Of course things like triple glazing, fireplaces and insulation can all be installed, but buying a house with these features already in place is much more hassle-free.

7. Kid-Proof

For those of us with children, the entire property needs to be safe for them (and from them!). This includes the garden, which can be full of perils, such as ponds, thornbushes and wayward conkers. The height of a staircase and if it can have a child-proof gate installed, how easy it is to escape outdoors via doors and gates, and all such manner of things must be thought of to ensure your children’s safety.

8. How Much Work is Needed

Sometimes, a newly bought home doesn’t come with all the furnishings you desire and sometimes it comes with a few issues, such as mould or broken gutters. A house you wish to purchase may be in need of much more than simply a good going-over, which could be time and cost consuming. Although it’s unlikely that a property on the market needs extensive work to make it livable, it’s vitally important that you check everything is in order and there aren’t any hidden discrepancies which need work, otherwise you might not be getting what you thought you paid for.

9. Is it fit to be renovated?

While the previous point covered how much work could be needed, whether a property is actually fit to be renovated is an entirely different kettle of fish. If you’ve always dreamt of having a conservatory, for instance,  then you’ll have to make sure the house structure will allow this. Some buildings are not strong enough to withstand renovations whilst others simply can’t be renovated because of features already in place, such as pipes. If you want to make an extension or alteration to the property you wish to buy, making sure it can stand up to this is imperative.

10. Energy

An important aspect of any home is energy, and we all have a preference. You should check whether the house you intend to purchase is reliant upon gas or electricity for its central heating. Gas is of course the cheaper option and provides the same level of heat consistently throughout the day. However, if your purchase is electricity-based and you intend to install gas central heating after you buy your new home, the short term costs are quite high.

 So there you have it, 10 things you should consider and look out for if you’re planning on purchasing a new property. Some elements may be important to you than others. Whatever your criteria, it’s important to remember you’re not simply buying a house, you’re getting a home. If you’re looking to purchase a home, we have a wide range of properties available to browse on our website via our property search engine. Happy hunting!



5 Ways the Election Will Impact your Next House Move

The 7th May 2015 – the day of the General Election and possibly the most important day of the year for the UK as we decide who will shape the nation for the next five years. One topic that’s drawing a lot of attention is the housing market.

“How could first-time buyers be affected?”

“Will the new policies actually be implemented and when?”

“What are the impacts if I plan on renting?”

Property for saleThese are all good questions that you, the voters might be asking and the next government (whether that’s a coalition or minority government, which both seem quite likely) will have to address. Here are 5 ways we believe the upcoming election could impact your next house move.


All information stated is what has been promised by each party thus far and may be subject to change in the future.

 1. The Price of a Home for a First-Time Buyer

Just getting on the property ladder is tough, so all the main parties are proposing action. Whether or not it is enough remains to be seen, but the attempt by the Conservatives to re-introduce right-to-buy is a bold move. Both The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are offering first-time buyers a Help to Buy ISA whilst the Lib Dems and Labour are proposing to build over a million houses to fulfill demand and keep prices down.

Whatever happens in the election, our verdict is that it will still remain tough for first-time buyers although things may get a little easier over time.

2. Keeping Rent Costs Down

To let signs

If purchasing a house is not for you, then renting has its benefits, but the upcoming election is unlikely to make a huge impact. Only Labour and the Greens are looking to put a cap on rent or increases. Proposals to build more houses may increase availability and keep prices down but one million new houses won’t get built overnight!

3. Renting: For How Long? 

A short term rental agreement can be a worry when you don’t know where you will live in 6 months time. Both Labour, Lib Dems and the Green party have proposals to address this with policies for longer term tenancy agreements.

4. Caring for your environment, in beautiful surroundings

Nottingham - Second house price riser

If you care for the environment and your surroundings, there are policies to please! The Labour Party and Lib Dems both have proposals for ‘Garden Cities’, whilst the Green Party and UKIP also have interesting policies around the protection of Green belt land. 

This doesn’t guarantee there will be more houses in beautiful surroundings but more ‘Garden cities’ and protection of Green belt land all helps to make Britain a beautiful place to live!

5. The Economy

Once the election is over, it could get complicated in terms of who will be in government. Initial uncertainty could have a short term impact on the economy while a minority government with little power will struggle to get its policies adopted unless they are appealing to other supporting parties. This could also be a good thing as policies need to appease a wider audience on not just the rich or the poor.

The next election could also impact interest rates on which mortgage rates are based. We aren’t going to make any predictions on how the economy could be impacted but suffice to say it could be interesting!


Below is a table with some of the key policies we uncovered during our research:


What They’re Promising…
Lib Dem
To Build
1 million
1.5 million
For First-Time Buyers
Help to Buy ISA and
20% discount to first-time buyers under 40
Give priority to local first-time buyers in new housing areas
Help to Buy ISA
In the Rental Market
Long term tenancy agreements in the private sector and Cap on rent increases
Rent to Own policy and Ban landlords letting out poorly insulated homes
Cap rent and introduce longer tenancies
To Introduce
Capital investment in housing
and local authorities given “use it or lose it” powers

New Towns and Garden Cities.

Right to Grow given to communities.
New homes advertised in the UK before overseas.
At least 10 new Garden Cities and
30,000 Rent to Own homes a year by 2020
Bring empty homes back into use
Brownfield agency for grants and loans.
Protection of green belt land and
Referendums on major planning decisions.
New homes exempt from stamp duty on first sale and
Social housing prioritised for locals


Sections with a dash ( – ) are those which have not been announced