Quotes about home

Quotes about home

To celebrate the arrival of 2016,  we thought it would be good to have a blog article which is fun, yet inspiring for anyone looking to buy or rent a new home in 2016.

Here are our top 10 favourite quotes about home (in no particular order!):

1. Home is where the heart is (by Pliny the Elder)

Home is where the heart is


2. The home should be the treasure chest of living (by Le Corbusier)home should be the treasure chest of living


3. If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home (by Malala Yousafzai)

Miss your home


4. Seek home for rest, for home is best (by Thomas Tusser)

Seek home for rest


5. A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless (by May Sarton)

A comfy chair

6. Home is the nicest word there is (by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Home is the nicest word

7, A man’s house is his castle (by James Otis)

Mans house is his castle


8. Home is the place we love best and grumble the most (by Billy Sunday)

Home is a place you can grumble


9, Going home and spending time with your family and your real friends keeps you grounded (by Jennifer Ellison)

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10. There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home (by Rosalynn Carter) 

A safe secure home


Now you should be truly inspired and ready to find your next home on PlaceBuzz!

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Happy house searching in 2016!