Travel less to work. Discover new areas to live in London

Three-quarters of UK workers have journeys to work of less than 30 minutes, according to the Office for National Statistics.  That figure comes down significantly for Londoners, with  less than 50% getting to work in under 30 minutes.

Working out where to live and how long the journey to work is requires looking at several websites to get information about public transport links and can be quite time consuming.

To make it easy to discover places to live in London, we have launched a new feature that allows our users to do just that; Quickly discover places to live by specifying where they work, how long they wish to travel, the type of property they are looking for and their budget.

To use this feature, simply go to

Simply enter the area you work in (e.g. Holborn)…

And hit the Suggest Areas button…

You are then presented with a carousel showing the areas matching your criteria.  You can adjust the travel time, type of property and budget using the orange sliders and hitting the Suggest Areas button again to narrow down or widen your search.

You can further explore an area by clicking on an area from the carousel, or on one of the map markers…

As the popup says, we use a combination of science and magic to show you how long a typical journey would be including any tube, bus and walking times.

To see properties in an area that you like, just click the Find properties around… button which will take you directly to property search results…

To use this feature, simply go to

Please send us your comments and let us know what you think of this feature.



Top 5 UK house prices league by location in the past year


The average house prices in the UK slipped last month by 0.4pc according to Nationwide index figures. Over the past year there are winners and losers. Let’s take a look at the top 5 price hikes in pictures over the past 12 months.

Number 1 house price riser – Brighton

Houses for sale in Brighton are up 6pc to £314,209

Brighton – Number 1 house price riser

Second house price riser – Nottingham

Houses for sale in Nottingham are up 4pc to £143,476

Nottingham – Second house price riser

Third house price riser – Aberdeen

Houses for sale in Aberdeen are up 4pc to £229,450

Aberdeen – Third house price riser

Fourth house price riser –

Houses for sale in Cambridge are up 3pc to £328,735

Cambridge – Fourth house price riser

Fifth house price riser – Liverpool

Houses for sale in Liverpool are up 2pc to £146,880

Liverpool – Fifth house price riser