10 Tips For Spring Cleaning







Whether you’re putting your house on the market or have just moved in, having a spring clean can make a huge difference to a home and make it a more attractive place to live (or buy!).

Here are our top 10 tips for spring cleaning:

1, Organising cupboards

Kitchen cupboards can be easily filled with food and culinary extras such as spices that rarely get used. Clearing out the shelves completely, polishing them and then reviewing each item on a ‘throw away’ or ‘keep’ basis is a great way to find more space.

2. Removing stains and marks

The best way ultimately to remove stains is to get rid of them as soon as they happen! If that’s too late then make sure to use a good stain remover and follow the instructions. Here is a great source for advice on removing stains

3. Cleaning your carpet

Focus more on high traffic areas and if possible, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Don’t forget to clean the filter regularly for maximum effect.

4. Re-organising shelves

Even if your bookshelves don’t need reorganising, it’s worth doing this to remove the hidden dust that has settled away out of site. Removing all items fully before dusting and polishing is a great way for a fuller clean.

5. Cleaning wooden floors

Using a damp mop with soap or a steam cleaner is the best way to clean wooden floors. Also consider furniture protector to help protect against scratches.

6. Dusting electronics

Ever get the feeling the TV is dusty within 5 minutes of cleaning it? Electronic items gather dust very quickly. Here are some great tricks to help.

7. A fresh lick of paint

Sometimes a fresh lick of paint is needed to freshen up a room. Don’t try patching up areas on a wall as it can make the room walls look very inconsistent with patches of fresh paint that is possibly a slightly different colour. Paint an entire wall or room fully.

8. Tidying closets

Our tips for spring cleaning wouldn’t be complete without sorting out the closets! They may be a great area to hide away items and clothing but they fill up quickly! Be ruthless. With clothes for example. ask yourself. “Will I wear this item in the next 6 months?” and don’t hesitate to throw away unused coat hangers.

9. Cleaning windows

There are some great products now available to clean windows including the Karcher Window Cleaner to help you quickly and effectively make your windows sparkle. Window cleaning inside and out can be time consuming so consider hiring a window cleaner for a relatively small fee.

10, Changing the mood

We have talked about tips for spring cleaning that involve tidying up and removing stains and marks, but sometimes a fresh appearance can really help to change the mood. This can be as simple as changing towels and linen on a seasonal basis (bright colours in the summer and flowery effects in the autumn for example) or it could be a whole makeover of a room with new curtains and different wall pictures. Some times small changes can have real positive effects!

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 tips for spring cleaning. Feel free to share our advice and ideas with friends and family. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook which are your favourite tips for spring cleaning. We would love to know!